Dimensions updation problem

Hi ,

I created new Financial Dimension which is Location & I also sat Default locations for all the accounts in COA, then I created the account Structure & put the criteria, location is Mandatory from this account 411000 till 519999,

Now, I’m creating the Purchase order , Sales Order , when i selected the dimensions in the Purchase header , sales header , those are not updating in the line level automatically . Can i know How to update automatically when i filled the dimensions in the header ?

This issue is already discussed in forum and is verified. Hope following link helps:



Thanks Pranav for the reply.

User will not assign any dimensions to items . What user asks , when dimensions updated header , the same should update automatically in the line level.

Share any tip or setup to update automatically in the line level with out assign the dimensions to items in AX 2012.

When you update dimensions on header and when you click on Line, system asks whether dimensions should be updated on line level or not. This is standard process.


I agree with the standard process . What user asks system need not to ask every time every time to up date line level . Is there any configuration or setup is available to update automatically in the live level.

There is no such configuration, but you can achieve this by customization.


As an example I will use the sales order:

AR - Setup - AR Parameters - Updated Tab - Update Order Lines Button. Dimension option - set to Always rather than prompt. Does this give you what you want? Auto-updating of all lines based upon a header change.

You also have the site-dimension link, depending upon what you mean by “location”.

Hi Pranav,

In my case, I need to update Line level dimensions in the header level in PO/SO. What type of logic applies here.

If you have any idea, reply to this ASAP.