Dimensions - required?

Is there a way to require a dimension be entered? We use dimensions to identify “department” so we can run reports, but many times this element gets missed and we need to do an adjustment at month end to correct. It would be helpful if transactions could not be saved if a dimension is not entered.

If thats not a possibility, is there a way to tie a dimension to an item card?

Yes you can set a default dimension on the item card, from the Item button and Dimensions.

Also you can insist on a Dimension being present on a posting routine. On the ledger account you are analysing by dimension you can set the dimension to be mandatory. From the account button and dimension you can set the dimension code and the value posting to be “Code Mandatory” (you can leave the dimension value blank). I believe there are a few instances you cannot do this in as the posting routines do not carry the dimensions through, so you will need to test this, but these two approaches together may help your month end adjustment.

If you wanted to ensure a dimension was entered on teh line prior to the posting you would need to modify the system. Not difficult, but it comes as a warning message usually, or if for example it was on a purchase order you could prevent the changing of the status to released if a set dimension was blank, but you would need to specify this and get the modification created to cover all scenarios.