Dimensions on Transfer Orders

The Situation: Navision 3.10 Using Dimension 1 as Cost Center and Dimension 2 as Product Category (because do not want to have GL Accounts for each Cost Center and each Product Category) Each Warehouse Location is linked to a Responsibility Center and the Responsibility Center is linked to a Cost Center. Dimensions work fine for Sales and Purchases and GL Analysis by Dimensions figures balances to Inventory Valuation by Location However, when doing Inventory Transfer Orders from one warehouse (in Cost Center A) to another which is in a different Cost Center, the Cost Center Dimensions on the GL Entries are not correct because you can only specify ONE Responsibility / Cost Center on the Transfer Order. Has anyone come across this before / have any suggestions?

I think it is still an issue in 3.60 as well. It can be fixed, but that would be Custom. Try to raise an incident with Microsoft and see what they say. [;)]