Dimensions on Recurring Journal lines

Does anyone know how to keep the dimensions on the table behind the lines of the recurring journal. We have a journal set up for employee bonuses and everytime the journal is posted the lines loes their association to the dimension. It’s extremely tedious to go to each line CTRL+SHFT+D and set the dimensions up again. Any info would be extremely helpful. Please let me know if clarification is necessary.


What version are you using? On version GB 4.0 SP1 it works fine using Fixed and Variable recurring methods.



Also works in 4.0

Are you sure you havent modified some code so it recalcalculates the line?

We are using 4.0 sp2 and as far as I know there have been no code modifications made. I’ll check with our NSC to see if they have made any changes to the journal that I’m not aware of. Thanks for the assistance.