Dimensions not applied to payment

I am implementing NAV 2009 R2 RTC at a customer site, and have the following issue.

I have posted a sales invoice with 3 dimensions attached to the header, and the resulting Customer Ledger Entry is created correctly with the 3 dimensions attached.

However, when I want to post a payment, and apply the payment to the open customer ledger entry in a cash receipt journal, the dimensions are not applied to the line in the cash receipt journal.

Instead the dimensions on the journal line are empty.

I would expect the dimensions to be copied from the customer ledger entry, so the correct dimensions are also applied to the payment.

Is there a setting somewhere that I have overloooked, or is this intended behaviour?

Pretty sure this is standard behavior. Your company might expect them to be the same, but others might not. A silly example, but you could have a dimension that represents the month and year of the transaction. The customer ledger could be JAN12, but the payment comes in in February, and should be FEB12. It really depends on how the business wants their dimensions to work.

Actually this is not an expectation of my customer, but of me.

For me it is not logical, that the dimensions are not copied, or at least there is a setting where you can define the behaviour.

so , what if a payment paying 10 invoices with different and conflicting dimension values?

Then, of course, it is a different issue, I can see that with multiple payments it’s different.

But anyhow, I have explained the functionality to the customer, and they have accepted it as it is.

It is definitely defined as a “Feature not a bug”.

It causes a number of issues down the line, in that dimensions are not consistent, so you can’t balance reports against dimensions.

What I would like to see is an option on the Dimension table “Balance per dimension” or “Force Consistent” which would force the behavior you are expecting.