Dimensions for Dummies

I am trying to decipher a report that uses the Dimension Value Table # 349. Were picking only “Product” in the Dimension Code. When I run the table all the Totaling fields are zero.

Yet when I run the report there is all these dollar amounts.

Where does this information come from? Magic!!!

Thanks in advance,


Hi Greg,

Table 349 is only the master table - I guess the report is calculation the values on the fly. Which report are you talking about?


The Totalling-field in table 349 is similar to the one in table 15 (G/L account).
It’s used for making totals on ranges of dimension-values, when ever you use the Dimension Value Type “Total”, or “End-total”.

You could look at the dimension-values as some kind of “alternative” chart of accounts.
The Totalling-field comes into play in e.g. report 27

This is a homegrown report. Thanks for the input. I think I found out where it’s coming from. I just have to open the table and click the drill down button which brings up all the entries.