Dimensions changing the staus of a product customer

The softwre we have is Dynamic Navision 2009.

We have Dimensions set up for products , Product group and status eg manufactured bought in.There are also a number of Dimensions set up for customers based on rep external and external.

The situation that we are facing is two fold firstly that we need to change the status dimension for product because as a business we have decided to produce some products instead of manufacturing them this has caused issues whan we have entered item journals after a stock take and when we invoice and book stock in the fix from support is to change the field next to the dimension so that is blank and does not say same.

The second issue that we have had is that the dimension value for external rep on the customer card was not set up correctly from the system inception. We have had to change these dimensions for other customers and it has given us error messages every time that we invoice an order that has a dimension value that is different etween customer card and order.

My questionis how should we manage changes of dimensions?

Dimensions look really great these problems are causing a lack of confidence in there use. I am however disappointed that we have found out after the fact that the two global dimensions are the main tools for analysis I feel this is restrictive and means that you have to rely on the gold partners to right you any reports.


If you have advanced dimensions you have the analysis repors where you can create your own dimension based analysis reports. You can do this yourself, and you do not need a partner, and of course you partner does not have to be a gold partner.

I guess your dimension value against the customer is set to “Same Code” this is trying to ensure the documentation dimension is the same as the customer, but of course it does not have to be and as with rep changes it is not necessarily so - can you test changing this to “Code Mandatory”. Not sure I understand the status dimension issue.

Thanks a lot that is really helpful. The “status dimension” query I had not worded very well it is the same problem as the rep poblem but with stock codes we have two dimension codes set one identifies which group the product is within for analysis ie frying pans , saucepans. The other code denotes if the product is manufactured by us or bought in.

We have come across problems where we have changed dimensions in the same way as the ones on Customer cards

Thanks again

If I understand correctly, you changed some dimensions for products or customers, and now you want to change the posted dimensions so they reflect your current changes. I am an end user, and have been doing this for a while. We have used navision since 2000, and just recently decided on reporting by some new dimensions. What I found is the dimensions to the posted documents are stored in a few tables. the main table that is used for analysis reports is table 355 - Ledger Entry Dimension it is a pretty basic table, Table ID, entry No. Dimension Code, and Dimension Value Code so your problem now is to figure out which entries to change. I do it all in Microsoft Access. I bring the Item ledger entries, customer ledger entries, and value ledger entries, into tables in access. from there you can see entry and find your customer or item that you want to update the dimension for, they are identified as source no. From this I create a text file to import into Navision using a dataport. The dataport changes the values in table 355. Then I can update the analysis views and run my reports. I used this approach to change 10 years worth of data. and it worked like a charm. I haven’t found any downside yet, but I also only did it in a test company, but my reports tied to the live company to the penny for the full ten years. Next option for you if you don’t want to learn the details is to buy an add-on that does it for you, I haven’t tried it, http://www.dynamicsnavaddons.com/dimension-management