Dimensions and Charge Items

I am once again in need of some help…[?] We usually import items from abroad and besides direct invoices we also recieve shipping and duty invoices. We thought of using Item charges to allocate these “extra charges” to each item being imported. We ran into a problem when trying to post such transactions since we have more than 2 dimensions defined for each item. Paragraph re-phrased: Although you can allocate Charge Item to more than one purchase line (more than one purchase item), and ask the system to automatically split charge either equally or by amount, how does the system tackle dimensions if each purchase item has different dimensions?[:I] Any experience about this?

Hi Angelo I do not think this should matter if your dimensions are set correctly. If the value posting is same code you may experience issues with differing dimension applications, but otherwise, if specified, the value posting rules should resolve any conflicts. I will try and get around to testing this specific issue later.

Hi Steven, thanks once again for your continous support. The problem we are finding arises when each item has more than 2 dimensions. When allocating a charge item to more than one item (split equally), which dimensions does the charge item take? (Example: If item 1 is Spare Part of Machine Type1, item 2 is Spare Part of Machine Type 2 and item 3 is a Consumable. We have set up the system for Item1 and Item 2 with same global dimensions but different shortcut dimensions (3 dimensions in all) and item 3 has 1 global and all shortcut dimensions different from the rest.) The only method we found which works is to manually split the charge item and repeat the entry of the charge item for each Item, each time linking the dimensions of the item which we are allocating. That is keying in 3 lines of same charge item and each line allocating to different item. Is this the only method if we need to analyse expenses by dimensions? This is very difficult to mantain since imagine a Purchase order with 10 different items and more than one charge item, manually splitting each charge item for each purchased item??? Waiting for your comments and once again thanks a million for your help

Hi Steven In standard Navision you can only assign dimensions to an item charge, but you haven’t got the possibility to add the dimensions from the originally items while you post this document. I’ve had the same problem as you. In my case : creditnota’s linked to sales invoices → if the user gives a discount on a posted invoice : the user will link the item charges on the creditnota with the the original sales invoice lines. So if I’m selling for 100 eur and afterwards I give a creditnota for 10 EUR, I only want to see 90 EUR in “analyses by dimensions”. What I have done is : * IN CU80 I posted the original dimensions on the value entries * in the ‘night processing’ every creditnota with item charges will be reposted again, so at the end I have the right dimensions for this creditnota. If you want to do it in one step, you have to change a lot of business logica in CU80. Hope this helps Nico

Hi Nico I had not run this through, but was expecting with the ability to define dimensions against item charges, depending upon the posting flag, the correct dimension would be taken, and if a conflict arose it would be resolved in the standard manner. i will leave it in you more than capable and experienced hands [:D] Thanks for the info.