Dimensional Inventory

Has anyone done a mod for dimensional inventory in Navision 3+? I have a plastic company who needs to track full pieces and cut pieces, work order processing, the whole bit. Thanks Ted Johnston Symbiant Technologies

Hi Ted, unfortunately I haven’t heard of such a mod, but in fact we do need something similar aswell for a aluminium company (length of cut aluminium pieces, type of finishing, etc.) If you are interested, it would be great to exchange ideas and ways to solve this requirement. Saludos Nils

Hi all, As you know, the standard feature of “Analysis by Dimensions” in Navision works with the General Ledger and you can get analysis reports based on the system currency or the additional reporting currency only. That is all. However, the real need is for quantity based analysis tools. And, we have it already. The solution is an add-on, that works perfectly in Navision 3.70 and requires no user intervention to the code. You can analyze your stock quantity, sales quantity, purchases quantity, returns, inventory adjustments, transfers, manufacturing output, manufacturing consumption with respect to date periods and of course with respect to all dimensions defined, similarly as you do in the analysis cards. The solution has the same user interface and same functionality (reversing lines and colums, Exporting to Excel etc) and even more. Online Help = Yes Documentation = No Multi Lingual Support = Yes Compatibility = 3.70 and above Integration = Seamless The add-on has already been used and tested on a retail industry and carpet veawing industry. If you are interested, you can contact me at esat.karaoz@omnitr.com.tr