hi frnds,

in EmplTable,i have 5 dimensions with same name i.e Dimension

i want to access the dimension to the report,then i will get the error like “Argument value is incompatible with the required type”.

how to do this?

thanks ,


Hi Murali,

What version? Are you sure the 5 dimensions have same name?


i am using axapta 3.0

in emplatable,all the 5 dimension have the same name



You see five Dimension fields in table browser but only one in AOT, right? That’s because Dimension is an array type.

If you want to access a specific dimension, you have to use an index, e.g. emplTable.Dimension[1] or emplTable.Dimension[Dimensions::code2ArrayIdx(SysDimension::Center)].

You use it somehow incorrectly in your report, e.g you try to assign the whole array to a string variable.