Dimension Values specific to an Operating unit.


Does anyone know, how to setup dimension values entity or a operating unit specific?


http://sandeepchaudhury.wordpress.com/2012/09/24/financial-dimensions-hierarchies-taking-advantage-of-organization-hierarchies-in-microsoft-dynamics-ax-2012-continued/ might help.


This blog you sent is regarding particular dimensions for an entity.

My requirement is that under a group company there would be multiple legal entities with a shared chart of accounts.

All the legal entities would be having 10 dimensions in common but the values in it would be specific to a legal entity.

This is possible on journal line as per the blog but same thing I want on PO and SO,while I select the values for the financial dimensions.

Any update on the same?


What you select PO/SO are default dimensions where as in journal lines you select ledger dimensions. Both have different validations as far as I know. Once you try posting PO/SO confirmations then it will trigger the ledger dimension structure I guess. Anyways lets see for others responses as I have not done this so far.

you are right. Currently the financial dimension validations work only in the journals but not in the other master forms like vendors, customers, Purchase/sales orders.

Accounting structure rules also not an exception from this behaviour.

Ex: You configured the accounting structure: Business unit B001, valid departments are D001 and D002. while you are creating journal this rule applies. But, when you go to PO’s financial dimensions, you would see all the departments.

So, you would need to extend the validations as per your requirement.


Extend the validation means?.. some coding would be required?


Yes, you would need to customize the code.