Dimension Values Errors

With multiple clients - we keep having issues regarding dimensions - mainly issues where the dimension in the journal table has not been updated in the Journal Line Dimension table. This causes havok on test reports especially. Anyone else had issues like this? Its fixed easily enough by getting the client to F2 down the dimension code field, but its frustrating none the less. Daniel Day Developer Elliott Davis Technology Solutions http://www.edtsolutions.com

Hi Daniel, Are you importing into the journal through a dataport. If so then the Journal line dimension will not be updated automatically. Specially if they are the global dimensions. You have to specifically use Validate(“shortcut dimension code 1”) after you import. THis causes the dimensions to be updated in the journal line dimension table. Thnx, Best regards, Prashanth NCFC, NCMC, NCSD pbg@navilogic.com

No, I’m not importing through a dataport - This really isn’t even a development issue - user’s using the system on a daily basis keying journal entries - thats where my problems are coming from - I was just curious if anyone else had found these issues. Daniel Day Developer Elliott Davis Technology Solutions http://www.edtsolutions.com

Yes, I did face the same problem a while ago. Specially using the SQL server. When there is a user setup then a code line called DocDim.getdimensions was introduced. This uses a variable for Document dimensions as a parameter. When this function is run with a blank parameter then all the records in the document dimensions are deleted. A similar statement may be in the journal line which we may have to find out and handle the error for Journal line dimensions table. The Get Dimensions function has a intial lime Deleteall; That may be the reason. This does not happen with super users, but with only some users. Thnx, Best regards, Prashanth NCFC, NCMC, NCSD prashycool@yahoo.com

we had a similar problem, where the journal lines are updated with dimension, but not the journal dimension lines. we have determined that this occurred only to Global Dimensions (becoz you can’t paste a shortcut dimension). this happens when you are pasting into journal batches by lines.