Dimension value missing from G/L transactions from posted purchase order

Hello! We had a purchase order that was posted recently that had one line item on it. The Type on the line was G/L account. The G/L account used does not have Code Mandatory setup for the Dimensions but it appears that Dimension 1 and Dimension 2 had values entered at the time of posting. In our Tax Jurisdictions setup, the Tax Account for purchases (in this case) actually does have Code Mandatory set. When I look at the posted purchase invoice, there are no dimesions set (we only use 2 dimensions). However, when I go to Line → Dimensions I see that they are both actually set there. Now when I do a navigate from the posted purchase order and look at the G/L entries none of the transactions have a dimension set including the Tax Account for purchases which has Code Mandatory. I’m assuming this happened because the G/L account from the line on the purchase order does not have Code Mandatory set but the strange this is that the posted invoice doesn’t have the two dimensions set on the line but they show up in the Posted Document Dimensions (Line → Dimensions). It appears that they were on the purchase order at the time of posting and then fell off somehow. Anyone have any insight into what might have happened here? I hope I have provided enough information. If you need additional info, just let me know.

Thanks for your help!!

I have seen such strange behaviour with dimensions in older NAV versions (3.xx) – you can see 2 GlobalDims filled in Journal Lines before posting, but clicking on Line-Dimensions the form appears empty. After posting such journal they don’t get posted to G/L. It happens rarely, so nobody has find out where is the reason and what combination of factors causes such behaviour.

Strange is, that you could post to Account with Code Mandatory with Dim not set…

With Partner license these dim values can be set after posting, ask your Partner for help - no other (reliable, I mean - there are some on web, but I can’t recomend using them) solution exist for Client to use.

Thanks for your reply Modris! I forgot to mention that this is Navision 4.0 with no service packs. Our license will let us put the dimension on the G/L entry table manually. I just tried it in a test system. Hopefully it’s safe to just plug it in on the lines?

Both GlobalDims for G/L entry are saved in TWO tables:

  1. G/L Entry table (T17)
  2. Ledger Entry Dimensions table. (T355).

in contrary to all possible other dimensions, which are stored in 355 only.

You seemingly can change T355 only, because form 544 allows editing - you use the same form for lookup of existing entries and entering dimensions for new entries. So, data will be out of sync, as T17 remains with old (or empty) value.

Check this in test base, that’s why I said only Partner’s license will allow you to change BOTH places !