dimension value code requirement

Our process of posting our purchase orders require dimensions as well as tagging to what job no this transaction pertains to. In the purchase lines, we use G/L account type. In addition, we have defaulted in the G/L account cards a particular dimension which is DEPARTMENT. we indicated CODE MANDATORY in the default dimension table so as to require dimension value first before it can be posted as RECEIVE & INVOICE. however, we encounter error in posting the purchase orders. the error goes this way “SELECT A DIMENSION VALUE CODE FOR THE DIMENSION CODE DEPARTMENT FOR THE G/L ACCOUNT 78111006”.

we have indicated “G/L account” in the type field and “78111006” in the No. field. then the job no, job task no., job line type, job price, quantity, direct unit cost excl. of vat. then we also have indicated the dimensions both for purchase header and the purchase line. yet we still encounter this error.

we have already isolated the problem only to posting the purchase order with mapping to jobs. coz we already tried posting purchase orders without mapping to jobs and it pushes through.

what could be the source of this problem? thanks

Look for and validate all GL Accounts referenced in the Posting Groups for the GL and the Job.

I’ve run into similiar issues in the past. Next time you encounter the error, verify that the dimension code has been copied to the document dimension table (Ctrl+Shift+D). On more than a few occasions I’ve seen the dimension code on the line itself, but not present on the document dimension table. I’m not sure as to why it happens though. I simply wrote a report that validates the purchase lines as a work around.

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