dimension value code error


Im just new in using Navision 5.0 sp1,.

can someone help me, im trying to post purchase order, everytime i post my order, this error appears

"You must specify Dimension Value Code in Document Dimension Table ID=‘39’,Document Type=‘Or"der’,Document No.=‘POR-1-0000369’,Line No.=‘10000’,Dimension Code=’’.

i already tried to specify the dimensions in that table id of my PO, but it still appears, i dont know if it is on my set up,

since i already check it and there’s no option to block the use of dimensions

thanks and hope u will help me

For resolving this in your PO, on the bottom middle Line menu go to Dimensions and enter the value of dimensions.

It seems Value Posting is set to Code Mandatory in Default Dimension table, you can check it there.

thanks for the reply, i apply your advice but then again the same error appear… i disable the value posting of all

the dimensions, both vendor and item but it still appears… thanks again for the help and hope i can find some solutions to fit in to my problem… thanks :slight_smile:

Don’t do this in production serbver.

Have you assigned the Dimension Values from Line>> Dimensions , as suggested earlier?

Dimensions are stored in two places on a document, the Header and the Lines. Now for the confusing part:

Sometimes, when development is not done correctly (or other weird scenarios) you can see the dimensions on these tables, but they are not stored in the all important Document Dimensions table. This latter table is what all of the code should look at to see if you have added dimensions.

Your best bet is to go to the header of the document, click on each of your dimensions field, type F2 a couple times, and hit Tab / Enter. This will revalidate the fields. It should ask you if you want to copy the dimensions to the lines. You should say yes.

Hopefully that explains the issue a little more clearly and help you solve the problem.