Dimension used in Gen. Journal Line GENERAL

I was trying to do year end closing and while trying closing Income Statement the following error poped up.

A dimension used in Gen. Journal Line GENERAL, DEFAULT, 2590000 has caused an error. Select a Dimension Value Code for the Dimension Code COST CENTER for G/L Account 60101.

NOTE:I selected all the dimensions used

What is GL code 60101 named? Usually get this issue for exchange rates but not on a close down.

It is Purchase Account

Go to chart of accounts and for the above given account check whether dimension is mandtory for this account.

Yes there are two dimensions set as mandatory.

This error is pretty “normal”. Have seen it lots, and it happens when you during the year have changed your settings for mandatory dimensions. When the entry was posted, the dimension was most like not mandatory. Now when you do the year end it’s been changed to mandatory, and you cannot close the account.
You need to manually add the dimensions whenever this happen. Or remove the mandatory settings while running the job.