Dimension Totaling

The Dimensional Values have the ability to be categorised into sub dimensions. When you read the help it seems like all dimensional values between a begin total and end total are to act like sub dimensional values totalling up to the end total dimensional value. Testing feature does not seem to be working in Attain 3.01b. We created a dimensional value 10 - Maintenance Begin total and sub dimensions : 20 - Parking Maintenance Standard 30 - Security Maintenance Standard 40 - Total Maintenance End Total. Then posted transactions to some COA accounts with the dimensional value of 20 and 30. According to the help when we filter on the dimension value for 40 the total for dimensional values 20 & 30 should show up. But it does not do that. If you filter by 40 the values in the COA are blank. The Sub-Dimension Values are indented. But, the End-Total does not seem to work. IS there a way to make Dimension Totaling to work. Are there any code modificaitons we need to make to ensure the totaling works. Thanks, Anu

Anu, I don’t have any 3.01b at hand, but tested your setup with a 3.70 and it works fine. After having defined the Begin-Total and End-Totals, you run the “Indent Dimension Values” function, which indents the sub-dimensions and puts the corresponding value in the “Totaling” Field. A start should be to check this Totaling Field if it is filled correctly… Saludos Nils p.s. please don’t “crosspost” in several fora, one post will be sufficient for other participants to answer to your question.

You can get an example of how the totalling works and is (needs to be) setup in the famous CRONUS company.

Nils, I don’t think it works in Cronus too. Let me know if I am doing something wrong or expecting it to behave differently. When I setup the begin-total and end-total as in the following example. The values are very well indented. Code Name Dimension Value Type Totaling AD adm Begin-Total ADM Administration Standard ADM1 adm1 Standard ADM2 adm2 Standard ADM3 adm3 End-Total AD…ADM3 I setup the Department Dimension in the following manner and posted entries for ADM1 and ADM2 for 100$ and 200$. I would expect that when I go to the Chart of Accounts and if I set the Department Filter to ADM3 it shoule show me both the entries for 100$ and 200$. But, it does not it shows me any entries at all. I know if you put AD…ADM3 then it does show me the entries. But, the whole point of havin the End-Total is to ensure that filtering for just that should show me all the entries that it is totaling for. Let me know if my thinking is wrong. I tried this in all versions upto 4.0 SP1 and it does not do what I thik it should. I would really appreciate your response.

Now it’s a lot clearer - the Totaling works fine, but only for the Analysis by Dimensions forms. If you filter in the Chart of Accounts, in fact you filter directly on the leger entries, which only take the “posting” values of the dimensions. Therefore what you mention in fact does not work the way you would like it to do… stick to the Analysis by Dimension forms, these ones do work fine. Saludos Nils

Nils. Sorry about this. But, I tried in Analysis by Dimensions View too and it did not work. When I put ADM3 in the Department Filter it did not show me any entries on the Analysis by dimensions screen either. The same thing is happening here when I enter AD…ADM3 it shows me the 300$. But, when I enter ADM3 in theDepartment Filter field it gives me no results. This is so frustrating, I would have expected it to work in the same way an end-Total works on a Chart of Accounts. I am really surprised nobody ran into it till now. If I am not doing something please do let me know. I would appreciate your input.



This is so frustrating, I would have expected it to work in the same way an end-Total works on a Chart of Accounts.

In fact it does work exactly like the CoA Totals, but you have to apply the same logic both to the CoA Totals and the Dimension Totals. Take table 17, filter Global dimension 1 by your Total Dimension… no records, do the same with a G/L Total account, no records either - the point is that the Total Accounts show amounts, filtering with the “Totaling” string, but there is no sense in filtering directly with the code of the totaling dimension or account no. The Analysis by Dimension part work fine, but you have to put your “Department” dimension either into the column or rows of the analysis form. The point is that the filters (AD…ADM3) work directly against the entries (either G/L entries or Analysis View Entries), but there is no entry that has the value ADM3 (because it’s a total), and therefore there is no data. Please try the following example with the Cronus DB with the Analysis Views - use BUSINESSGROUP as lines, SALESCAMPAIGN as columnes, and set 7195 as G/L Account Filter… no values, even though there are G/L entries that use posting accounts with the 7195 total. It’s the same that is happening to you with the ADM3 department code, but using a G/L Totaling account. The only solution is, as you have been using it yourself, to set the dimension range filter (ADM…ADM2 would be sufficient). To resume somehow all this explanation, mind that the filter you are establishing, filters directly on the entries, therefore if you filter with a “Total” type dimension (ar g/l account) there won’t be any entries that enter. You have to use this dimension as column and row and can then start to set filters on the other dimensions. You notice that the totals in that case work perfect. Hope made myself understood and please keep on asking if there is any doubt left. Saludos Nils