Dimension Statement without Zero

Hi All,

i would like to ask if there is a way to print Dimension Statement without showing the ZERO balances of secondary dimension , as if i print it will show all balances for the secondary dimension even if the balance is zero .


What is your AX version? By secondary dimension, do you mean the dimension set/focus?

Please always tag your AX version.

its AX-2012 , sorry forget to mention it .

yes , its the dimention set .

for expmple the primery set is the main account - GL account , and the secondary set is the employee .

Let say You have a main account X and employee A, B and C. Does the below is your output?
X A 10
X B 0
X C 20
and you don’t want to see B as it has zero amount or no opening/closing balance? Or explain if it is different.

Yes Correct .
but here B include transaction during period , but the net differncen between debit and credit transaction is Zero .
like i need only closing balances with amounts , but it show all balances include transaction during period .

I don’t see any parameter that controls it.