Dimension Set Entry getting deleted even after selecting in NAV 2013 R2

We have recently upgraded a customer from version 4.03 to 2009 R2 and then in to 2013 and then into 2013 R2.

When ever a user creates a Cash Receipt Voucher or Cash Payment Voucher or a Purchase Order and in that user selects the Global Dimension 1 & Global Dimension 2 and some time even Shortcut Dimension 3 or 4 from navigate action->dimension.

After clicking ok when he tries to post that entry getting error of dimension missing as dimension are code mandatory.

When user checks again on the action->navigate->dimension, the dimension are missing.

How is it possible that the dimension are getting deleted, even after the user had selected the dimension.

This is happening in IN NAV 2013 R2.

Did you try to replicate it in Standard Database?

If not replicated, check the code again. There can be a chance of code missing/replaced in merging.

We have have deleted the Dimension Set entry might that be an issue.

Dimension Set Entry is the table that keeps transaction dimension values set by users, you deleted that table? Then obviously it won’t work.

We didn’t deleted the table, we have deleted the entries in that.

In the same database we have another company(Say B), where the dimensions works, but in the other company(Say A) it does not.