Dimension Problem!

Dear All, I have a scenario, the Dimension doesn’t copy some times to the Sales order lines(Line dimension & Order Dimension) and this stops the user from posting the warehouse shipment. My set up for the dimension code is “Same Code” My clients volume is 1,000-1,300 Sales Orders per day!! at least 5-6 sales orders are having the dimension problem every day. Any suggestion is highly appreciated!! Thanking You, Kind regards, Panjam.

Do the orders have any similarity? If that is the fact there is probably some setup problem. If there is a randomly created problem you might have to look at the code, maybe sometimes there is a transaction problem.

Hi Mark, Thanks for your contribution. The sales order have different Order types such as Local, export…etc. But the sales order is only one. If it was a dimension set up problem then the dimension shouldn’t copy for all sales Orders. But this is not happening, it is very inconsistent and it is Random just as you mentioned. Now we need to find out on the Sales order coding… Kind regards, Panjam. Application consultant