Hi, i have created a dimension called “ITEM GROUP” for the various items like 100 gm, 200 gm, 50gm, etc. if it is chilly, item group dimension will be " CHILLY" for the various chilly quantity.In the “ITEM GROUP Account type Default dimension” i put the the table as "ITEM"and the value posting is “CODE MANDATORY”

when i trying to post the Production Journal the Error message is coming. it shows that “select the dimension value code for the dimension code item group” in lines. but i have checked each and every line and the dimension is given for each line. but it is asking for the dimension. If i remove the CODE MANDATORY and post it, it is posting successfully. but the code mandatory should be given because they are taking Sale analysis reports in ITEM Group wise.

could anyone help me…

thanks in advance


Another good option for the Item Group is Variant in Item card. Item Card → Item → Variants

successfully means that ALL dims are present after posting? remember that you are allowed to post WITHOUT dims if you remove Code Mandatory!

WHERE you checked? Directly in Journal form OR in Line / Dimensions?

It is an old issue from the time when unlimited dimension count was introduced.
Dims are recorded in two places - both in Journal line and Journal line dims tables. So, check Line / Dims form, too - there are situations when for unknown reason directly in Journal forms the Dims are present, but Journal lines Dimensions are emtpy at all or have not ALL dims present.

Nobody up to now knows how this can happen - one version is when copypasting journal lines and doing a minor change in the copied line…

and, as Nilehs added - there are Item Variants, plus, there are Item Category + Product Group, too - a two-level hierarchy for Items.

But, it depends how you intend to use these - usage of Dims are tho only option if you later use Analysis by dims… [;)]