Dimension of Value Entry and Item Journal Line

Hi All,

I have some problem.

I created Sales Order. Then I posted my order. Next I checked from Posted Shipments. My order in Posted Shipment but it doesn’t have Description in Value Entry and Item Ledger Entry. How can i show Description in Value Entry and Item Ledger Entry. If i will can show Desciption in Item Ledger Entry then i can show on Value Entries.

Please help me :frowning: and sorry my language. :frowning:

Standard NAV does blank description on posted lines if it is simular to the Description on the Item Card. This has allways been done, so I believe the reason is to save database space. It was very relevant in the past, when database-space was something you had to purchase and the disk-capacity was rather limited.

The nlaking is made in codeunit 22, function InitItemLedgerEntry, I think…

Dear anfinnur

Thank you very very very much. its working fine. [:D]