Dimension not filled in PO

while posting Invoice for the PO it showing Dimension not filled in error.in PO Header and line dimensions are filled in.


What is your AX version?

AX 2009

Don’t have AX 2009 to check. Can you verify that if all the mandatory dimensions are filled?
Are there any customization’s in this area? Is this only a problem with this PO or all?

BTW, In future please always tag your AX version.

Dear Mr.Kranthi,
in future I will take care to tag for appropriate subject.yes all mandatory dimensions are filled.there is no customization on this form.the problem is only with specific PO not with all.

if nothing will work how come I ignore the error from coding side and invoice the PO and reset it to back.

In that case, i would suggest to have developer to debug and understand the problem(why the dimensions on the PO are not considered). If that is not possible , then try to see to which accounts does the invoice posts then you can go to those accounts and specify the dimensions on it. (reset the setting back after posting)

Dear Mr.Kranthi
Thanks for your reply and suggestion.
I specified depatment,cost center and purpose on all chart accounts related to the item group.still status for error is same.
do you have any link where I can learn how to debug the error as developer services no longer available.
Thanks for all the help

You may also have to specify the dimension on accounts related to vendor summary account (in posting profile) and if you have tax, then you may need it on tax related accounts.
Add a break point to \Classes\LedgerVoucherObject\addTrans and see how the dimension is updated.

Dear Mr.Kranthi,
now we found the same error in different journal where dimensions are filled.

Did you fixed the issue with posting invoice? Did the similar journals posted before?
If so, I would suggest having a developer to debug and find the issue.

I fix the the problem by allowing temporarily using exception and revert it back.
Thanks for all your support.in my intial phase I learned a a lot from this thread.

What does that mean? can you explain?

the function which is showing the error,I make exception on the function and then remove it once it completed.