Dimension No - number sequence error



when i am setup a configuration in Inventory Management------->Setup--------->Item Dimensions---------->Configurationation.

itemNumber Configuration Name

1 --------------

When i am enter some value in configuration field ,when i am saving this. it shows below error.

Number sequence for the reference Dimension No. in parameters in the Inventory management module has not been set up.


pv narasimharao


Is the dimension number number sequence under Inventory > Setup > Parameters form set up?

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Thanks for your response,

When i am trying above steps ,When i saving the record it shows again same error showing,

I created a number sequences code with format “pkv”.


pv narasimharao


As Harish said, go to Inventory > Setup > Parameters. here in number sequence tab, see whether the edt you have created for number sequence is displaying. There, you need to set the number sequenc “pkv” to that edt and save . also you need to check the continious loop option. If u dont check it, same number only be printed and you wont get5 new number sequence

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