Dimension must be specified for account

suppose for any customer or vendor the settlement amount is 100.31 in the system but we received the cheque of 100 but while posting journal it shows error dimension much be specified for account number 101 which is gain and loss account.I want system to ignore such decimal precision issue.kindly help

The error about the dimension needing to be specified is due to the settings on the ledger account requiring a financial dimension, Cost Center, Department, Purpose. The difference can be controlled by the Maximum penny difference and Maximum overpayment and underpayment which can be found in the Parameters of both AR & AP. Terminology may be different depending on your AX version.

Dear Michelle,

Thank you very much

Dear Michelle,

your reply helped me alot.thank you very much.difference is controlled now . but still the same dimension missing error coming.as you written cost center,department and purpose is to be filled in and we want to keep the same setting.can you throw some lights on it ?

We had this issue recently as well and we found that under General Ledger - Setup - Configure Account Structures you go into either the main account or sub division and set the account to accept missing values…try it in your demo environment.

Hope that helps!