Dimension location is not correct for the warehouse in AX 2009

Hi Friends,

This is financial dimension related. While creating PO when we click on posting button, the above error is occurred.Could you please somebody help me to resolve this.

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Manjunath H

Hi Manjunath,

Is this the exact error in the English language? Did you translate the error? If it is the English error itself, it is probably part of an add-on or customization.

Can you verify this?

This is the exact error messsage in english : Dimension location is not correct for the warehouse 61HSM

On the PO line (s) lookup the dimension value for location and check the one defined can be picked for the line. Check the warehouse item record for the item if you find the location linked is not related to the warehouse through importing of data or another means. Basically AX is saying the location you have “selected” is not available in the warehouse.

When looking at the labels in AX, there is no error with this text. Can you verify if it is related to a localization, customization or add-on?