Dimension linking with GL

Hi All,

I am creating income statement business unit wise. So in AX 2012, I have created business unit as dimension and attach the same to Chart of Accounts from “Configure Account Structure.”

Now for few GL I want to add few more dimension combination like ‘Purpose’, ‘Vehicle Code’ etc along with Business unit.

Now when I did the same through ‘Configure Account Structure’ it didn’t work and still takes only business unit as mandatory dimension.!

So please help me how to achieve this in AX 2012.



Hi Jainal,

Are you updating purpose and other dimensions on the same configuration. If yes, is the configuration activated and attached in COA or ledger setup?

Normally, this works fine.


Hi Jainal,

Basically, AX has the option of defining a rules for Account Structure (COA), In ur case based on the requirement you can split COA and attach different dimensions to that. I hope this will solve your purpose.

For defing a rule:- Configure COA >>select Configure COA >> Edit >> select Main Account Filter icon and select Specify Which Values are Allowed … give the range of account for whcih you want the other dimensions to reflect…

Check this out this will help you query…

All the Best !!!



Thanks Pranav & Ashwin,

Yeah, Actually I am creating 2 Account structures but it is in fact overlapping each other.

So I split the same using range and select both in Ledger set up.

This solves the question and allows me to use multiple dimensions for same account.

Only point is, user have to split main COA as many times as they need to attach different dimension as the requirement varies in every case.