Dimension is available but not find to select during entry in ax 2009

In GL module when i am Selecting the dimension- cost center, my cost center (for eg: P-MOMA) is available, But the issue is when i going to select that ‘cost center’ in “dimension” tab through General journal it is not showing in ‘selectable’ tab.

Kindly provide the solution how i can solve this problem.

Which form are you talking about in the first sentence? General Ledger > Common Forms > Dimensions? Isn’t the dimension value closed there?

Maybe your point will be clearer if you add some pictures. Also note that many people (such as myself) don’t remember AX 2009 very well, so giving us some refresh might help us to give you an answer.

I am talking about General Ledger module.

General Ledger>Common Forms>Dimensions. In this form i am selecting Cost Center in ‘dimension’ field and Cost Center(P-MOMA) is available here.

General Ledger>Setup>Dimensions>dimension sets. In this form ,in “structure designer” i am not creating the hierarchy for this Cost Center(P-MOMA). So it should available for all regions but the problem is it is not showing in General Ledger >Journals>General Journal form in “dimension” tab in Cost Center field.

How to add screen shot in this group.

First of all, please check the “Closed” field, as I suggested above.

No, It is not closed.

Kindly provide the solution as soon as possible. It is urgent.