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Mine’s environment using storage dimension of batch and serial number. We using the batch to define the item expiring date and record each item with a (repeating) serial number. In the sales order line, the item need select “batch” and “serial number” before able performance issue action.

How is AX performance the stocking if both them set as ‘primary stocking’ but not mandatory field?

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You cannot make them mandatory even if you want. Only the warehouse which you can make it mandatory.

The primary stocking ensures that these dimensions need to be filled before any physical update. It wont allow any blank receipts and issues.


Thks. If untick the “primary stocking” for batch and serial number. During posting of PO/SO, it will prompt to enter the missing batch and serial number.

if tick with the “primary stocking” for batch and serial number. During posting of PO/SO, it prompt “batch and seial number is primary stocking and must be enter”.

Refer to standard AX explaination, if untick “primary stocking”, it will regard it as “secondary stocking”.

Are there any analyst report is avaliable in the standard AX to differential the result btw untick primary stocking and untick primary stocking?


Hi there, did you look at the parameter blank receipt or isseu allowed?

The behaviour of AX in relation to this setting is not what you might expect. There will be al lot of onhand inventory (inventsum) that will never be closed. Therefor, every time the system looks at the onhand table, it will run through all open records. For example costprice determination, available stock, inventory reporting etc. This will cause a performanceproblem in due time.

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The difference between primary and not primary marking is how the system finds the reservation.

If the dimension is set to primary, then the warehouse has to be set on the inputline (salesline, picking journal etc.) and the system will not look at items on hand on other warehouses than this. if you want to take items from another warehouse, then you have to change the field.

If it it not primary, then the system allows to take whichever ex batches and serial on the warehouse according to the reservation setup. this can be obtained with automatic reservation, but normally you would have a picking procedure in place, so you register what has been picked. simply for the reason, that you do not want the warehouse to move quantities to get to the back, because that is what the picking list says. (unless you have expiry dates, then this would be the approach) however the procedure should be:

Print picking list
Make picking list registration
Print packingslip (delivery order)

This could also be with a barcode scanner solution

Blank in field: if the fields on the dimension group is set to allow blank, then you can avoid the picking list registration, but you will then have transactions on your item going to the warehouse with a dimension, but out without. this gives other issues. se previous post, and also you loose tracerbility

Normally you would never set batch and serial as primary.

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