Dimension Focus

Hi forum,

can you please me out how to use dimension focuses. I think dimension focuses are linked with the financial statements so am not able to take the print of P&L and balance sheet. Any sort of help is appreciated

thanks in advance



As a simple example you create a focus that has department as the primary focus, then cost centre.

If you then run the dimension statement report you will get a breakdown of transactions defining department first, then each cost centre within it, so it gives you a quick breakdown by your focus. You can also apply these focuses to your financial statement and it affects how it is presented, although you need to have defined an appropriate row definition for the main focus. You could have a main focus showing ledger accounts from the row definition, but if you alter the focus to the cost centre and department focus you also need to have a row definition attached to this focus to print the lines how you want to see them. If you create a dimension set the focus is already created for you.