Dimension Field.....?

Hi All

I want to make InventDim.InventBatchId field as Unique Field ( It Shouldnot allow duplicate data ), By default it allow duplications. But as per my requirement want to do this.

  1. If InventDim.InventBatchId field made as Unique what are the problems / changes / effects will occur in AX environment

Thanks In Advance…

The only issue I see is that you have to be carefull when generating automatically that number, you have to be sure that there won’t be any duplication otherwise you will get an error.

Forgot to mention that you should make unique the InventBatchId from InventBatch table instead.

It is unique at an item number level, so it item X is batch Y you cannot create Y for item X again as it already exists, but you can create Y for item Z which is extremely useful in many circumstances.