dimension combination is not valid in AX?

Hi, I set up one account structure as range of Main account from say 2000…3000 with dimensions

2000…3000 + Business Units (all) + Customers (all) + Items (all)

Now when I try to post the product receipt list, I have two accounts set up 1 for purchase expenditure - un-invoiced (2150) 2nd for Purchase Accrual (2950)

System is throwing a message the dimension combination you selected 2150-- is not valid

dimension combination you selected 2950-- is not valid.

2150 is set up as AP account type (balancesheet)

2950 is set up as WIP in P&L

  1. I thought it’s not mandatory to select the dimension unless you have an advanced rule or something.

When I try to select the dimension in the PO, the accounting distribution throws an error.

please advise.

I checked the previous posts here and referred to a post by pranav and it was evident that I had to put the dimensions required by the accounting structure.