Dimension Codes

I have been kind enough to change some of our Dimension Codes. Now my admin staff is complaining that the P&L Account Schedule is not working properly. After digging a little bit I see that the Account Schedule is still looking for the old Dimension Code names. My question is a simple one (the solution may not be). How to I configure the Account Schedules to look at the new Dimension Code names? Just to clarify. I renamed existing Dimension Codes and the the system went through the GL and adjusted everything from old name to new name. Thanks.

Just guessing but it looks very much that you need to run the “Change Global Dimensions” Function. It can be found in GL - Setup - General Ledger Setup - Functions… This should update your Global Dimension 1 and 2 to the new codes… Saludos Nils

Nils, I think actually Sandy has renamed dimensions, not changed the primaries. I think the thing you are looking for is to rebuild the analysis views, and then reapply them to the Account Schedules. Go to GL main men, setup, dimensions, analysis views.

Your suggestion si valid, but would really surprise me… though you never can tell in detail the “features” of dimensions… [;)] On one hand the Analysis Views have the correct table relation to dimension, therefore a name change should be reflected in the Analysis View setup, and the Analysis View Entries itself do not hold any information of the dimension names aswell… anyway, it would be helpfull to know how Sandy did resolve this problem. Saludos Nils

OK, so let’s clear the air … 1. Yes, I renamed the existing Dimension Codes. 2. Yes, the system went through all the GL transactions and updated the Dimensions Code from old to new. (that only took an hour or so) 3. No, it did not update the Account Schedule Overview. I had to update the filter on the column views manually by using Form 489 Column Layout. Found under Account Schedule - Functions - Set up Column Layouts… So far I think everything is working perfectly. Alteast I’m considering no news as good news from Admin. Thanks for you help.

Yes that’s what I thought. Nils, the problem is that you can’t really rename dimensions, it is not fully relational in some areas, and thus rename has some unexpected results at times.

ok, you made the point [;)] thanks for the clarification… Saludos Nils

It’s like Saved Segment Criterias in Relationship Management. The system is saving a filter value to a normal unbound text field. If you rename the values, Navision will never be able to update the old saved filters. The same, of course, happens in this case for Account Schedules.

Does any one out there think that “Dimensions” were a good idea? It was so much easier just to add additional dimensions where the cusotmer needed them Right?

Dimension are a great idea. There is so much less modification you need to do to the system. They probably could have implemented differently if they had thought about it from the beginning.