Dimension 2

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IS there in navision Array 2 dimension

i know how to use the Array 1 dimension , by going to properties of field and put the number of dimension in dimension ., but is there anythin g to define 2,2 or 3, 4 3rows, 4 columns in Navision

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Hi Jouhayna,

Have a look through the Application Developer Guide (w1w1adg.pdf) on the install DVD or in the download section

From the guide:

Assume that Bar is an array variable of data type Date with the dimensions 2x3x4. Then Bar has 24
To index the first element, use Bar[1,1,1]. To index the last element, use Bar[2,3,4].

So for the definition see copy from C/Side Online help, section example:


Use this property to enter the dimensions of a variable, that is to create a multi-dimensional variable - an array.

Applies to



Enter the dimensions as a semicolon-separated list of integers, where each number defines the number of elements in that dimension. The maximum number of dimensions is 10 and the total number of elements in all dimensions is 1,000,000.


To define an integer array with dimensions 3 x 3 x 4, start by creating an integer variable (for example called A.) Then, in the property sheet, set the Dimensions property to 3;3;4.

To access the elements in the array, use a syntax like this:


Note that indexing starts from 1 (not 0 as in some programming languages).

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thank you joreg

I think it will work , i will try it , it helped a lot …

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