Differrences in G/L Entry and Item Ledger Entry?

I use Navision Financials 2.60 RU and have question: should always sum results be equal with each other for tables G/L Entry and Item Ledger Entry? for example, i have 2 queries with next select statements select sum([sum]) from [FIMR$G/L Entry] where [G/L Account No.] = ‘10300’ and [Posting Date] = ‘20040930’ in russian( select sum([Ñóììà]) from [FIMR$Ôèí. Êíèãà Îïåðàöèé] where [Ôèí. Ñ÷åò Íî.] = ‘10300’ and [Äàòà Ó÷åòà] = ‘20040930’ ) and select sum([Êîðð. Ñåáåñò. Ñ÷åò]),sum([Ó÷òåííàÿ Ñåáåñò.]),sum([Êîðð. Ñåáåñò. Íàêë.]) from [FIRM$Item Ledger Entry] where [Posting Date] = ‘20040930’ and [G/L Account No.] = ‘10300’ in russian ( select sum([Êîðð. Ñåáåñò. Ñ÷åò]),sum([Ó÷òåííàÿ Ñåáåñò.]),sum([Êîðð. Ñåáåñò. Íàêë.]) from [FIRM$Òîâàð Êíèãà Îïåðàöèé] where [Äàòà Ó÷åòà] = ‘20040930’ and [Ôèí. Ñ÷åò Íî] = ‘10300’ ) now these two queries produces two different results i try to group columns in these queries to find out why i have there differences. Differences occures only once or twice per month (last day of month). Accounting department cannot help me for clue.

Is it possible that the stray entries that you pick up at the end of the month are being posted by a batch job such as the Adjust Exchange Rates, for example. I think this would only really apply if you had an additional reporting currency. Another thing to look out for is that someone may be posting directly into this account (“System-Created Entry” = False) I hope this gives you a clue.

“System-Created Entry” = False in my scheme exist only in “G/L Entry” but not in “Item ledger Entry” so if sum is greater in “Item ledger Entry” i guess i cannot use this way

Hi, There is no reason why both amounts should match. They could of course, but it is absolutely not enforced. In our implementation (Navision W2.60A native) we’ve got the same situation as you describe. The first thing we check at every month-end is whether somebody posted something to the G/L account of interest directly. In 99% of the cases I’ve investigated a direct posting to the G/L (instead of through the Inventory subadministration) explained the result. As Item Ledger entries are always created through “known” documents (Sales invoices, receipts, item journals etc.) or processes (the adjustments of inventory costs for example) it is fairly easy to filter out G/L entries not originating from Item postings. Hope this helps.

Thank you