differrence between NAV and AX

I would like to know the functional differences between NAV and AX, when and where is one more appropriate over the other?

Search the forum. You will find many topics around this.

There are many - but why do you want to know, if you do not know you cannot sell it or implement it!

You may as well ask what the difference is between SAP and NAV to be honest.

Ok then, would you tell me the difference between NAV and SAP? one of our potential clients chose SAP over NAV

What is the difference between VW and Mercedes? And between Mercedes and Maybach? Evidently, not ONLY the price [:)]

Such questions can not be answered in one short posting in forum, you may examine MS Dynamics site where such comparison is done, MS even compares Dynamics line of products with competition, including SAP. And all this is in public part, you don’t need to dig PartnerSource for such info.

Dear Edwin,

When you are varifying the solution, check whether that is the solution for your question please. This way others can know the right solution:)

thank you

Ask them why you lost the deal - it may have nothing to do with software.