Different versions of native DB on one server possible?


I know that it is possible to run multiple native DB’s on one Navision DBserver, by changing the port being used by Navision. It is well described in the documentation on de cd’s. I does not say that it is possible to run multiple versions without problems… We are running a version 4 native database on our server and we would like to add a version 5 SP1 native database for a new office abroad. (they don’t sell version 4 anymore and the 2009 localisation for this office abroad is not ready yet) I do have a extra server license etc. for this office, but it would be nice if I would not have to buy a extra server. Our Navisionserver has plenty of extra capacity.

Is this possible without the two versions conflicting? Do I need to do anything different from the procedures in the w1w1ism.pdf?

Thanks in advance,


Hi André.

Have you tried to just throw in the installation-cd for the 5.0 server?
Do you have the option to do an additional installation?

I must admit i haven’t tried this “for real”.
I have tried is for development purposes though, in situations where i’m not that dependant on all components being registered properly.
The process is same as if you need 2 different versions of client on the same pc.

One of the instances (i would suggest the latest version, to have the most recent system components registered) is installed as normal.
The second instance is then created by copying the program files from the installation-cd of the other version.
Pretty much the same as descriped in w1w1ism, only you don’t copy the folder in program files, but the corresponding folder in the installation-cd.

As i said i’ve done this for development-reason. In those cases i just needed to have more than 1 user logged in at a time, and therefore installed the server.
This must be thoroughly tested. To ensure that all is working in both versions.

Hi André,

Yes you can install multiple version of Navision on one server. Besides updating your HOSTS file, as you describe, you need to be careful when you install the other servers.

My personal trick has always been this:

  1. Install the oldest version first.
  2. Copy the files to a new directory.
  3. Then install the next version.
  4. If you do not need to install more versions, then you’re done. Otherwise repeat from step 2.

This you’ll always have the latest version of any registry updates. This trick can be used for installing multiple clients on the same pc also.

But there is something in your post that I don’t understand. You say you have to install version 5.0 SP1, because they don’t sell version 4.0 anymore. Does that mean that you actually would like to install version 4.0 if you could?

I ask because even the license is downward compatible. That means that you can run an older version, even with a newer license.

Thanks for your reply. I think I will just give it a go on our test server to get some experience with the procedure. I already thought that it would not be a problem, but a bit of reassurance is always nice.

B.t.w. No I did not really want to install another 4.0 DB, I’d rather install a NAV2009 but localisation is not ready yet. 5.0 SP1 is next best option and will be easier to upgrade to 2009. It is on the other hand easier to have the same version through the entire organisation, that was the only reason that I considered installing version 4