Different users from different legal entities cannot access same report in Management reporter

Hi All,

Is it true that a report in the management reporter gets locked if another user in another legal entity is using it?
We should investigate if this could be changed so it is always open for use.

When different users try to access the same report configured in management reporter from different legal entities, it is locked for all others but the one who generated it first.

Please let know if it is a known behavior.


in ax 2012 R3 user that have specific roles could access reports in management reporter such as accountant, accounting manager, accounting supervisor, CEO, CFO, and financial controller. the highest access in management reporter is security administrator. if require to assign to user defined role (custom) you have to edit from AOT.

Hey Chinni,

I’ve never really thought about it, but that does make sense - MR checks out the building block groups when someone opens them up.

That said, if you’re just trying to generate it, it shouldn’t really make a difference. Only when you try to open the report should MR check to see if it’s already open. Is that not the case?