Different Unit Cost and Price each location

Hi NAV Expert

Is it possible to have different unit cost and price assigned for item per location?

Also, Is there any disadvantage if I enable the functionality of Change Log Set up with selected tables to record (i.e insertion, modification & deletion)?

Please advice.

Yes you can have different price for every location

I foresee there is no disadvantage in activating change log setup for tables but try to activate the change log for selected fields in tables rather than entire field list because it is unnecessary increase your DB size.

As well as periodically delete the change log entries this will keep you DB size in control.

Hi Amol

What functionality should I used to activate different unit cost & price per location?

Default system doesn’t maintain default locationwise price

  1. Define Customer price group and attached the price to those group

  2. You need to customize if you want to maintain the price location wise for every customer.


if you are using average cost then NAV can maintain UC per location by standard functionality.

Look for financial management\inventory\setup\inventory setup

Average Cost calc type : Item & Location & Variant .

Change log : Like Amol says no major downside’s - just space increase → performance implications long term. IF you clean up then no issue.



If I used FIFO as costing method, is it I can still used or maintain different unit cost & price per location?

Nope , not out of the standard system.