Different type of invoicing - How to do that in NAV 2009?


I have a customer who manages resources and sold different sofware etc…

How can I setup the system to do Invoicing without using the G/L account by the user?

How to handle these type of invoicing and not ?

  • License / Unique Invoicing : How to invoice that linked to a job?

  • License Renewal / Annual Invoicing: How to invoice that inside the same job where I have invoice the licence the first time?

  • Maintenance fees / Annual Invoicing: How to do that?

  • Subscription / Mensual Invoicing: How to do that??

ny help or ideas will be appreaciated espacially if the is a minimum used of manipulation of G/l inide the invoice.



Selling unique licenses is really not different from selling anything else. Use a normal sales invoice and add the job no.

The other invoices could be done periodically either by using the job module with Job Planning Lines with the renewal, or maybe better using the Service Module.