Different qty when Calculate Inventory Value?

My company used Average Cost method for every item they have.

Today they want to revaluate two of their item cost to zero.

When i got into Inventory Revaluation Journal, i tried to use Calculate Inventory Value.

One of two item had different quantity than the others. Look below:

In item card : A got 160 pcs, B got 56 pcs

but when i use calculate inventory value, the quantity column in revaluation journal for item A are 420 pcs!

Why is this happening?

I am using nav 4 sp3.

Can someone help me here ?

It is better you select entry no applies to item entry field in revaluation journal

I already did that. There is a message pop up when i tried.

You must not enter Applies-to Entry in a revaluation sum line.

You have 160 pieces but the journal says 420.

Are you aware that NAV works with two quantity-fields in Item Ledger Entries: “Quantity” and “Invoice Quantity”?
The first is used for quantities mainly, the other one for values.

I guess that your field Inventory on your [standard] Item Card shows 160 pieces.
And that field “Net. Invoiced Qty.” shows 420 pieces.

If, then some orders, purchase or/and sales, need to be finally posted with option Invoice.

Do you use Locations and/or variants?


No. Invoiced quantity said only 213. That is exactly why i’m confused.


No. I didn’t use locations or variants.