Different item with the same BOM


Just wonder in AX 2009 if it is possible that different items have the same BOM definition?



As you can modify bom linked to an item and BOMId is not in the primary key of InventTable so, I think it’s possible to have different items with same BOM



Yes it is, go to the BOM form (not item specific) and add the item to the list. Verify the lines once done.

If you want to achieve what I’m showing in the screenshot below (assign the same BOM for many different items within the same conditions on Site, Effective dates and Qtys) it is not possible becouse the system will tell you there is a conflict when trying to Activate it. You will need to create other BOM for the other items.


Hi Hector

Go to BOM FOLIAR3 this has an active version of AGR-1075 - Delete this entry.

Go back to FOLIAR1 add in AGR-1075 and approve and activate it.

The reason for the message is if you go to item AGR-1075 it has an active BOM for 0.00 quantity and no dates and you are trying to create a second BOM with no difference and hence the message.

Create two new items with NO BOM’s and add them to an existing BOM.

Many thanks AdmaRoue, you were right. I made it and activated the three items with the same BOM.

I think Atech AO that as this is your post, you should verify AdamRoue’s reply as the solution.