Different item on sales order in POS

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I have query related to Ax 2012 R3 POS system.

Scenario- User create Sale order in Ax and use this sales order in POS for payment.

e.g SO 01588102 created in Ax with item id 725

while selecting SO 01588102 in POS for Pick Up item, it’s showing different item for same SO.

It would help me, if you have any idea about this issue.

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Any suggestion please…

Above SO created in Ax SO No. 01588102 and Item Id 725

In above image i have selected same SO 01588102 in POS

in above image item id for SO 01588102 showing different that is 758 instead of 725

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This issue get resolved

Solution - Reinstall the Retail POS setup at client end.



Hi Nitin ,
Is this the only solution for this issue? Not every-time will a customer allow these type of re-installations.

Amit Gupta

Hi Amit,

If you are familiar about the POS setup and it’s files ( like catche memory where it store the history of the transactions and use it for new order , which is cause in my case) then i believe you don’t need to do the re-installation.
For me POS setup was new :slight_smile: