Different from Dynamics NAV 4, NAV 5, and NAV 2009


Since this is my first time to join this forum, please allow me to ask several question, regarding to my office needed.

  1. My client already implement Navision from NAV 3 and then they upgraded it into NAV 4. Since I know, right now, already release Dynamics NAV 2009 (and also it will release for Dynamics NAV 2012, CMIIW). is there any significant different from NAV 4 → NAV 5 → Dynamics NAV 2009? Where I can find these different?

  2. Since I have Development tools for Dynamics NAV 2009, can I use it on NAV 4?

any information will be helpful for me.



If you log in to PartnerSource on the Microsoft website, you should be able to discover the differences between the various versions. There’s lots of information and training modules listed there for your perusal


Hi John,

Thank you so much for your answer. I will check it at my partner source.

By the way, how about my question for number 2? Is it can be used on nav 4?

You need to use the same version of the executables as your customer for their databases. If you have a 4.0 customer, you must also use 4.0 when you are doing anything for them. If you have a 2009 customer, you must use the same version. I currently have 4.0 SP3, 5.0, 5.0 SP1, 2009, 2009 SP1 and 2009 R2 running on my laptop, representing all of the versions of the customers I have helped over the past couple of years.

Hello DenSter,

Thank you so much for your answer.

So, it’s very clear statement, that I can’t use my development tools (under license NAV 2009) into my customer (NAV 4).

Anyway, I’m still difficult to find out what’s the different from NAV 4 → Nav 5 → NAV 2009.

Although I’m already search into my partner source, still can’t find the difference. Please help me to solve this different, so I can tell to my customer to upgrade their NAV into NAV 2009.


I agree with Denster on the NAV versions. You’ll run into problems very quickly if the versions are mismatched.

In PartnerSource, check out the What’s New modules for each version. They’ll outline the updates and technical changes. I don’t believe there is any reference to the exact changes in each version. It would be probably too many too list in a concise package.