Different Discount

Hi Masters,

I know about the discounts in Navision .

  1. line discount
  2. Invoice discount
  3. Price discount

when it comes client that they get another discount from supplier.

example : Item = A qty = 5 , Unit cost = 1000

Value = 5000
Vat = 200

Total = 5200

Discount= 500

Total value = 5200 - 500 = 4700.

Discount = Qty * rate per Qty.= 5 * 100= 500

How supplier deduct that 500 is if the client purchase 5 Pcs then supplier will deduct 100 /- for each peace.
that means supplier did not change that Unti cost in Purchase invoice , that discount value he entered in seperate line.

How to do this in navision.

Client knows about the discount before place the purchase order.

what client is asking when create the PO for that item with that vendor system should calucate that discount automatically.

let me know your valuable solution about this.

Look in Item Card / Purchases / Line discounts…(or Prices).

In Form that opens: Item XXX - Purch.Line discounts (or Prices) you can set up different discounts.(or Prices)

You may set there simple discounts, different volume discounts, period discounts (start-end date for discount to apply), discounts that applies to certain Vendor only - examine the form, there are many settings possible. The same for Prices in another form.

If you happen to set up your discounts so, that for certain Item+Vendor+Purchase date combination several different discounts apply, Navision has a complex algorithm to choose the one, that gives you the “best price” - but you always in PO side panel Item info can hit Purch.Prices or Purch.Discounts to select different one, if optimized is not the one you need. (you can see if these exist not going in there - look what number stands in parenthesis to the right)

The same is applicable to Sales - this can be set up under Item Card / Sales / Line discounts…(or Prices).

Thanks Modris,

Better to read my post one more time how the discount is caluclating.


It does not work .

why people post the questions in this forum , may be they tried and they did not nget solution, so better to give the solution if possible.

Please read my query one more time.

Hi Gete

The standard functionality works as you describe it, from your statement you have looked at the stadnard functionality, so tell me where it does not work for you? Your 100 off 1000 is 10%, setup a line discount for 10%, the unit price remains as 1000 and you see the discount separately.

Thanks Adam,

No, supplier does not give the percentage As 10 % .

supplier will give the Discount per Qty based on rate.

Thatmeans If i Purchase Item A qty - 1 rate - 1500.

Simply supplier will give the discount - 200( it is not Line discount, Invoice Discount)

So please tell me how to solve this problem…


If Invoice discount is suggested - look at Invoice Discount Code in Vendor card.
BUT - Inv.discount as name suggests is based on FULL Invoice Amt only, doesn’t matter how many lines are there, and you can’t base Inv.Discount on separate Item’s Qty (or Amt).

So, examine your needs - is it really Inv.Discount, not Line Discount that you need. You have sticked to idea that discount must be printed as separate line - yes, then it is Inv.discount which is printed so, but actually it exists (distributed in field Inv. Discount Amount) on every invoice line as Line discount does, too.

Separate line in printed PO is calculated in corresponding report and designed as separate section - you can redesign report to do the same with Line Discounts.

What standart does’t include, is discount in Amount, not Percentage. Only exception - you can enter Inv.Discount as Amt, but MANUALLY only - no preset conditions and automatics with Amt.

PS. BTW, I don’t Copy/Paste Help - only in cases when its obvious that someone asks questions here even not bothering to hit F1 before [;)], and you can’t imagine how many people really are doing so…

Hmm my reply went missing.

Basically they are offering you 10% it is how you interpret it. You can type in the discounted amount on the line and it will then tell you it is 10%. This is the functionality as standard, and I feel Modris is perfectly entitled to paste the level of help he did based upon the original question. I believe you issue is in understanding, if you understand the base system it is easier, but basically if the line discount does not work for you you need to modify it to do what you want.