different between sales heaer an sales shipment header

what is different between sales Header table and sales shipment Header table(meaning what is different between No filed in Sales Header and No field in Sales shipment Header


Sales Header contains Sales Order Detail and Sales Shipment Header contains the Shipping details of an Sales Order

No Field in Sales Header is Sales Order No

No Field in Sales Shipment Header is Sales Shipment No

No not quite…

The Sales Header table holds the header information of unposted sales documents. These documents can be unposted Quotes, Orders, Invoices, Credit Memos, Blanket Orders or Return Orders. The “No.” field is part of the primary key of this table, together with the “Document Type” field.

The Sales Shipment Header table holds the header information of posted shipment. The “No.” field in this table is the only field in its primary key field.

Three differences:

  • Unposted versus posted
  • A variety of document types in one, and only one type in the other
  • Different primary key fields

That i understood that no keys joined between these two tables

If you want to know the relation between sales Header and Sales Shipment Header then you can refer Order No.

This field contains the number of the sales order from which the shipment was posted.

if the order is shipment .it will removed from sales Header

Can you explain please?

Yes If Order is completely shipped then sales order will get deleted.

The Order is deleted only when it is completely shipped and Invoiced…


Mohana you are right.

I forgot to mention that…


Only if it is shipped and invoice from the sales order. If you ship from the sales order and you create a separate invoice (with get shipment lines) the sales order is not deleted.