Different beetween vendor posting group account in G/L trial Balance and vendor trial balance for the same vendor posting group

Hi Friends

Could anybody help me. I am a beginer.

situation is:

5th of Mai a firm let run the standard program “adjust exchange rates” with the option of “instant withdrawal”. I can see in registers the reversd is “on”. In G/L is everything OK, booking posting date is 04/30/10 reversed is 05/01/10 yes end it seems that the reversed was booked automaticaly. In the “detailed Vendor ledger entry” there is only the normal booking, the reversed not. Thats the reason, there is a big different when I see first the vendor posting group account in G/L trial Balance, second i make a vendor trial balance for the same vendor posting group. (the different is the same as the revesed booking in G/L account)

I have two Question.

1., Is there any error log, or documentation in NAV 5.0 where I can see now, that yes Navision had tried to book the reversed in detailed Vendor ledger entry, and in Vendor ledger entry, but for some reason it did not manage to? Is there somewhere a detailed list of the transactions that he tried and was not succesfully done.

  1. Now I want to correct it. I do not know a correct method to do it. It was about 900 positions. Not the same open vendor positions are now as they were at 04/30/10. I thought, the reversed positons from the G/L positons should be booked back. Then the G/L trial balance will be equal with the vendor trial balance, but both are not correct.
    a., If we let them so (not the best method but sure), then when the positions will be cleared the NAVI makes the corrections. (bookes the unrealized gain or loss back)
    b., Somebody knows a method how to force NAVI to try to book the reversed positons from 04/30/10 but not only in G/L but in detailed vendor entry and in vendor entry too. If the positon is open then Navi will succesfully book, if the position is closed, then the booking will not be succesfull, but in that case it is not neccesary to book, because NAVI had corrected with clearring.

I appreciate for any kind of helpness