differences on warehouse

In our company we use axapta 3.0. In last month on one warehouse we have difference in value beetwen axapta and our old system. We have chacked this inventory value manually in exel. Differences between axapta and other methods is 4000 Eur… so its tooo big :-).

In this warehouse we use weighted average. We have two locations. On this locations is only one good. Warehouse value in first one location is wrong in second one is OK.

In last month aur employee made several mistakes… In one order he post packing slip for a item with a wrong date (March 08).Next he Post invoice with good date for this order (February 08). At the end of month he get wrong quantity of items… so he made a credit note for the invoice (from february 08). He DIDN’T make packing slip with date ( March 8) and he post credit not with invoice date (February 08).

Inventory value was corected manualy by our developers. In this month we have differences for the same value as in February. I think that axapta takes all the tame to weighted average this wrong transaction. What can we do?

Thx for answer!