Differences between the Sales Order and the Purchase Order


Please anybody explain me about the differences between the Sales Order and the Purchase Order



I apologise if this is too simple for you but it answers your question as I believe it is phrased.

Sales Order, where you sell items to a customer. The form is used to ship stock, decreasing inventory, and to ultimately invoice the customer and create the liability on the customer.

Purchase Order, where you as a business buy inventory. The form is receive stock, increasing inventory, and, if you wish, to process the vendor invoice against and create your own liability to the vendor.

A kind of worrying question really in this forum if you are trying to sell the advantages of the software.

Maybe you want to use the search function of the board and it gives you some answers.

And I really hope it is posted in the wrong forum as well. Sure you wanted to post it into the Sales & Pre Sales Forum?

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I am thankfull to your Quick Response,You have solved my doubts without putting me under confusion.Also please provide me any training and study guide regarding ERP like Sales and Distribution, Material Management, Finanace Management,Payroll Processing, etc and let me know any suitable forum.

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I am thankfull to your quick Response for my query.Please let me know any suitable forum or site to solve my queries related to ERP (Like Finance Management,Inventory Management,Purchase,Sales etc)

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I answered your question already. Have a look here and enjoy.

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General study guide to ERP or Navision?

ERP you will need to look for some operation management material in your locale, for Navision you can get all of the manuals from partner or customer source.

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I am looking for General Study Guide for ERP(Which includes Material Management,Inventory Management,Payroll Processing,Warehouse Management,Finance Management etc). Please provide me the link or E-Book if you have

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Hi Sudhir

There are 1000’s of published work in this area, you just need to dive in and start. Ask local professionals for recommended reading and go from there, what would be good advice in the UK may not be where you are.

I would suggest getting a general business education first, to learn about general business processes. If you don’t know the difference between a sales order and a purchase order, then no ERP product will make any sense to you.