Difference in postings


I have compared the sum of the Remaining Amount in Customer ledger entries and the balance at date of the corresponding accounts. Well, there are differences and I don’t know where to start to find out these differences. I hope, that this is a common, well known problem and you can give me some hints, where to start to look up.



Hi Mike,

The main reason for the difference would be :

  1. direct postings
  • this is quite simple to explain. It could be some journals that are entered into the debtor accounts directly without updating the cust. ledger. You can determine this by filtering the g/l entry for “system created entry” = false. These are the direct posted ledgers that does not update the cust. ledger.
  1. wrong classification of accounts.
  • this would be more difficult to determine. this would mean that the figures have gone into a wrong account, instead of a debtor account. This could be caused by some1 changing the posting group, or misconfiguration of the posting group. there is not hard and fast rule on how to determine these differences. You need to study the posting groups properly, and check to see if went into a wrong g/l account code.

Finally, always try to isolate the entries by periods in time. There must be a certain point in time in the system whereby the Cust. LEdger entry tallys with the G/L. This will be your starting point, where you will start to investigate.

Good luck…

Hi Jordi,

many thanks for your hints, I will start hunting …